Swakopmund Day Tours

Swakopmund, an adventure all on it’s own!


Quad Biking amongst the dunes in Swakopmund

Quad Biking in the Swakopmund Dunes

Swakopmund offers a host of attractions including:

  • boat trips to see dolphins and seals,
  • shore-based angling,
  • skin diving,
  • surfing or
  • simply lazing on the beach.

Just outside the town a section of towering dunes
have been set aside for adventure activities, sand boarding and skiing, quad
biking, camel rides and off road driving.

Experience the sheer thrill of riding a quad bike through Namibia’s boundless
expanse of shifting sand dunes.

After the engines are revved up and ready to roll, an experienced guide will lead
you through the Swakopmund River mouth into the dune belt. Feel the freedom of
riding through one of nature’s great wildernesses. As the towering dunes approach
we weave our way through the smaller ones towards the “Amphitheater”.

With “Power-up” we blast our way to the top of the first big dune via the “Roller
Coasters” to the top of “Big Billy”. We stop for a drink and you get the opportunity
to capture the stark and savage beauty of the Namib Desert.

After riding down “Devils Dip” we ride the berms, spirals and slopes as we cruise
towards the “Table Top”, a great dune that offers a spectacular view of the sea.

Quad biking:

• 45min Quad bike tour ± 15km

• 90min Quad bike tour ± 30km.

• 1 Hour Quad Tour: 20 km guided tour (+/- 1 hour)

• 2 Hour Quad Tour: 38-55km guided tour (+/- 2 hours)

Pick-up times (9h00,11h00,13h00,15h00) includes – cool drinks, safety gear and
transfers!! This is our most popular tour, as a real adventure starts here for
the ride of your life. We ride the wildest dunes, roller coasters and spirals
of the Namib. Excellent photographic opportunities. Adrenaline guaranteed.

• 2 Hour Explorer Quad Tour: (+/- 2.5 hours) Pick -up 08:00 (morning activity only)

We take you on a quad bike tour through the desert to explore the different plant and
animal life of the Namib Desert. Make a lot of stops on the way – while a guide
will show and tell a little about the creatures of the desert. Much slower Quad
tour for pure enjoyment.

• 3 HOUR Combo

1HR sand boarding (Lie-Down only )+ 2HR Quad biking tour – ONLY IN THE

• 3 HOUR Quad Breakfast Run

70 – 80 km guided tour ( ± 3 hours )( min 5 pax )

Drive up the Swakopmund riverbed, enjoy breakfast at Rossmund Lodge Golf Club. Riding the
dunes for ±2HR on your way back. You will be amazed by what the Desert has to offer.

We offer OVERNIGHT TOURS from one night to 6 days…

The options
– 1night Tented Camp Tour:

Henties Bay Tour

3 Days Tour

6 Day Tour

All the tours are experienced on Quad Bikes.

Sand boarding:

Pick up time (09h30 till 13h30) Includes: transfer, light lunch & safety gear

We offer lie-down or stand-up boarding. No experience is needed for either and 6
different slopes are included in the lie-down option. Speeds of up to 80km/h
can be reached for the maximum adrenaline buzz. Stand-up sand boarding is snow
boarding with a difference. Two slopes are on offer with various runs on
either. Guaranteed to give smiles and to get the adrenaline pumping. An awesome
full morning outing.

Tandem Skydiving:

Pick-Up time from 09h00 throughout the day (weather permitting)

transfers & safety gear

This takes place daily, normally after the fog has lifted in the morning. Before taking
off, an experienced Tandem Master will give full instructions on the procedures
that will follow. Once in the plane you will enjoy a 35-minute scenic flight
over the area climbing to 10,000 feet. After exiting the plane, a 30-35 sec at
220km/h free fall will follow before the parachute opens. Once under the
canopy, another 5-8 minutes are enjoyed whilst descending to a tiptoe landing
outside the club house. Tandem Skydiving in Swakopmund has a 100% safety record
and guarantees enjoyment in the safest possible manner. Videos and Photos are
available to document.

Dolphin Cruise:

Pick-up time 08h00 till 12h30 Includes: transfers, drinks, & light lunch

Dolphins are found in this area all year round and the possibility of feeding friendly seals
on board the boats is an experience never to be forgotten. This is a great way
to see the ocean, marine and bird life in this area.

Living Desert Tour:

Pick-up time 08h00 till 12h30 Includes: transfers & refreshment

This half day desert tour concentrates on exploring the local dune-belt between Walvis
Bay and Swakopmund. Come explore the Namib Desert and discover its many
wonders. Namib, which means vast and empty, leaves images of total desolation
to the onlooker. This is true to a certain degree, but the contrary, the life
giving fog supports a wealth of fauna and flora. Come explore this wealth of
life with us. Sidewinder Snakes, White Lady Spiders, Namaqua Chameleons,
Dancing Lizards and much more can be seen. Excellent photographic opportunity.


Pick-up time 08h00 till 13h00 Includes: transfers,lunch,drinks & equipment

Shore or Boat options are available. Good catches can be expected all year round. The
following species can be caught: Kabeljou, Steenbras, Barbel, Galjoen, Garrick
and various sharks. Experienced skipper and guide on board.

Township Tours:

Pick-up time: (10h00 and 15h00) Includes: transfers, traditional meal and something to

Tour to Swakopmund Damara, Herero, Ovambo sectors of the township (day or night trip)
to experience the local Namibian traditional cuisine and culture of these

Go Karting:

Mini Grand Prix: 1x qualifying round (+/- 10 rounds), 1 x race (15 min)

Times: 08h00
– 12h00 0r 16h00 – 19h00

Kayaking Scenic Tour:

Pick-up time: 06h45 – 13h30 Includes: scenic ride from Swakopmund down to Walvisbay,
lunch, safety gear & transfers

Scenic drives starts in Swakopmund down to Walvisbay – stop over at Paaltjies and
observe the bird life – from there you have a 4×4 drive out to Pelican Points
where kayaking will take place for 2 hours. Kayak with Seals and play with the
dolphins (not guaranteed). Catering for both inexperienced and experienced
clients. Afterwards enjoy a lovely lunch (picnic) on the beach at the Pelican


Pick-up 7h30 till 12h30 (weather permitting) Includes: transfers & safety gear

We offer an introduction to the world of free flight on the dunes with a qualified
instructor. The ground training includes an outline of the equipment, general
airflow patterns and safety procedures followed by flights from various markers
off the 50m high dune.

Scenic Flights

Horse Riding

Camel Riding