Shark Cage Diving (SKD)

Shark Cage Diving and surface viewing

You don’t have to be a certified diver to enjoy this incredible experience. In fact, you don’t even need to cage dive if you don’t want to.  You can view the sharks from the comfort of our boat deck and photograph them as they glide gracefully just below the surface or when they leap up out of the water and breach.

Visibility changes from day to day and is weather dependent, so even if the sea is a bit rough you will still have the pleasure of seeing the Great White Sharks from the deck, as they are surface feeders.

Shark Cage diving is an awesome experience from both above and below the surface. Getting close to this most magnificent apex predator leaves you feeling exhilarated, to say the least.

Great White Shark Cage Diving

Great White Shark Cage Diving


Price per person 2018

R2100  Including transport to and from Cape Town

Your Trip

We meet at 7am for 8am launch, and meet at 11.30 for 12.30pm, at our Crew House, 14 Geelbek Straat, Kleinbaai Harbour, Gansbaai.
The time depends on whether your booking is for a morning or afternoon Cage Dive, (we can be flexible for an exclusive charter).

Here you will register, enjoy fresh percolated coffee and a continental breakfast. A short safety briefing will follow, after which you will be taken by our Sharky shuttle service to the small Kleinbaai harbour, which is a few minutes to the launch area, to board our vessel Lady T.

The boat ride to the area known as Shark Alley is approximately 10 minutes, where we will attach our floating Shark Cage. Our experienced crew then scatter a scent trail into the water to attract the Great White Sharks which are sometimes circling ‘Shark Alley’ for seals. Our bait consists of natural marine product and there is NO Shark ingredients. The aim of Shark Cage diving is to educate the public about Great White Sharks as well as to encourage the protection of this depleting species.

During this time, we prepare the first guests assisting them into their wet suits, and diving equipment that we provide.
These include diving masks, hoods, snorkel, and boots and then into the Shark Cage.

Usually you will see the Great White Sharks immediately, however, depending on currents and weather there may be a waiting period which is rare. Although the Great White Sharks inhabit these waters throughout the year, the visibility during the winter months is often at it’s peak.

The first four divers are assisted into the cage that is suspended on the water surface and tied alongside the boat. Our skipper will hover just above the cage and signal which direction the sharks are coming from, as well as assist divers with any possible matters that arise, particularly if they are uncomfortable
and wish to exit the cage.

DVD of day-trip: On request we can arrange to have a videographer on board to capture your experience of the day.

The cage is suspended on the surface of the water right next to the boat. Once the sharks arrive and feel comfortable with the boat and cage in the water, the first divers get dressed into 5mm wet-suits, hoody, bootie, mask and slip into a 4 man cage, ready to experience these magnificent animals face to face, in their natural environment. Our Skipper will be standing above you on the boat, and he will let you know when the shark is within your viewing range, and which direction he is coming from, he will then advise you to hold your breath and go down, your head is just below the surface of the water.

Seasons: All year round.

Water and weather conditions: The water temperature ranges from 12C – 16C. Visibility is usually 6-8 meters, but can go up to 12 -15 meters on a good day and down to 2-3 meters on a bad day.

Items you will need on the boat: If you are prone to motion sickness, ensure your pharmacist recommends a pill prior to your trip.

  • Warm jacket
    or windbreaker
  • Sun block
  • Cap or hat
  • Swim suit
  • Camera

Children from the age of 5 are permitted to board the boat and enter the cage, however, nobody is forced to enter the cage as the experience of viewing these incredible beasts in their natural environment and at such close proximity is worth the journey, without the need to enter the cage.

Price per person 2018

R2100  Including transport to and from Cape Town